Unrivaled Experience

The Sentir Team has developed more 3D Haptic enabled systems than any other company in the world!

We have over two decades of experience designing and developing cutting edge human computer interfaces that incorporate the sense of touch. The Sentir Team, led by industry pioneer Walt Aviles, has an unparalleled knowledge of the field.

We have gained a fundamental understanding of how to create effective and engaging haptic interactions, and how to use those interactions strategically, to enhance and differentiate your products.

Research, Commercial and Consumer Haptics

We have designed and developed haptic hardware and software for the medical, educational, scientific, military and computer aided design markets. The Sentir Team has helped our partners train, teach and reach their customers and users, understand and use their data, create their products, control their remote vehicles and immerse into their virtual environments.

Whether it is a complex multiple degree-of-freedom 3D Haptic system or an embedded tactile display system, the Sentir Team has probably worked on it!

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We have the unmatched capability to design, develop and produce commercial and consumer haptic software and hardware including desk-based, wearable, hand-held and embedded systems.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you add haptics to your products and projects.